10 Baby Care Tips For New Moms (With Infographic)

10 Baby Care Tips For New Moms (With Infographic)

No one beats the excitement of having a newborn baby like a mother.

It’s the happiest moment in a mother’s life, after 9 months of anxious wait and gruesome labour pains.

Admit it:

Pregnancy is half the battle. As it turns out, having a new baby comes with one of its own:

  • Shares of fears and frustrations
  • Sets of doubts and worries
  • Panic attacks

And guess what? Taking care of a new born baby can be overwhelming if this is your first time. The good news:

These 10 baby care tips for new moms will help you survive the ups and downs. Most importantly, they will make you a confident mom right of the gate.

Sounds great, right? Let’s dive right in?

Baby Care Tip 1: Breastfeeding

You decided you are going to be breastfeeding because you know is the best form of nutrition for your baby and you are aware of the numerous benefits it will bring to his health.

But it seems that most new moms get apprehensive at the thought of it. Well, in addition to all the good it will do for your little human, breastfeeding also helps you shed off pregnancy pounds and as well as assist you in the post-delivery healing.

For starters, it can be daunting, but that’s okay, because no one was born knowing it all. We all have to learn it at some point.

And the good news is, these three breastfeeding tips will make the process easier for you (if not frustrating). They are the very foundation of a successful nursing journey:

  • Breastfeed on demand (as often as baby wants), the breast has only one rule: the higher the demand, the more milk it will produce.
  • Create a breastfeeding station. This should be a place where you need to breastfeed your baby. You can fill it with little things like a book, bottle of water, wet/dry diapers. Just make sure it has everything you need so you don’t have to run back and forth.
  • To avoid painful nipples, moisturize with a cream, apply olive oil and (hear hear…) apply breast milk to the nipples. Yes, breast milk contains anti-pathogenic and curative properties and will speed up the healing.

Baby Care Tip 2: Sleeping

It’s no secret that most new moms endure sleepless nights, which can go on and on until exhaustion and frustration kick in. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, you can catch up extra zzz and get more time to rest.

All you need to do is to strategize so that you can have more sleep like your baby. Like anything in life, it is going to be hard at first and these three tips will make everything easier for you:

  • Have a swaddle to prevent your child from waking up. A great swaddle cloth can make the difference to the child who always startle every time you are about to make him/her sleep
  • Create a bedtime ritual that is always the same, ex: bath, pyjama, feed, lullaby etc…Children thrives on routines. It is fundamental, to create a short but reassuring ritual that accompanies bedtime, from the beginning.
  • White noise helps the baby sleep soundly uninterrupted with noise distractions from the kitchen or the environment they are in.

Baby Care Tip 3:  Mother’s Nutrition And Health

Believe it or not, your nutrition doesn’t end the day you give birth. It continues until your baby stops breastfeeding.

If you take care of yourself well, you guarantee your newborn a happy future ahead of them. What you consume affects your baby’s health and immune system.

The first year of your baby’s life is important because it is a prime time for growth and development. In other words, poor nutrition can and will affect the growth of your child. And here are three excellent ways to stay healthy and sane in this period:

  • Make it a duty to exercise every single day. Daily exercise promotes the release of endorphins. Endorphins in psychology associated with good feelings and moods. This is a period where you need to be happy and sane all the time. You can’t have negative thoughts or people ruining your day.
  • Get a house help. If you can’t afford one, at least have someone closest to you to help with house chores, laundry and grocery shopping.
  • Drink plenty of water. When you are breastfeeding, is it essential that you take lots of water to avoid dehydration. For now, you can stick with 8-ounce glass of water.

Baby Care Tip 4: Newborn Healthy Care

I get it:

The last thing you want is for your baby to be sick. Actually, there is good and bad news. The bad news is, new born babies are very vulnerable to germs and diseases which can affect their state of health.

The good news is, you are in control. How you take care of your baby will determines their state of health. Babies cry, and their behaviours can exhibit different kinds of things, which you may have no knowledge of, because babies don’t talk.

The question is:

How do you know if you have a healthy child? And here are great tips to know your baby’s state of health:

  • Changing 8 to 10 wet diapers per day.
  • Feeds well and looks satisfied and content after eating.
  • More active and stays awake most of the time during the day. Staying awake for short period might mean that they have development issues.


Baby Care Tip 5: Diapering Tips

Changing diapers 10 times a day is not the coolest thing in the world. However, changing diapers doesn’t have to be messy as most people put it. Actually, your house can remain clean even if you have a messy child around.

Astonishing as it may sound, here are three tips to make diapering easier for you. Most importantly, keep your entire house clean and friendly:

  • Select a changing station. The cleanness of your houses matters a lot. And if you had a central location, you’ll avoid changing the diaper everywhere. If you do this, you limit the spread of germs in your house.
  • Use a diaper pad. A special diaper pad will help you reduce the risks of germs in your house because they keep the kids away from dirty diapers.
  • Keep the changing area clean. Your station should be clean with clean water, soap and disinfectant.

Baby Care Tip 6: Baby Hygiene

Everybody loves the smell of a new baby. Well, babies smell so nice for a reason? The owner understands proper hygiene of the baby.

Hygiene is crucial for the health and well-being of the child. Your main role when it comes to hygiene is keeping your child away from harmful infections and germs.

Here are three ways you can ensure proper hygiene for your kids:

  • Sanitize your home. You need to limit your kids’ exposure to harmful microbes. The best way of doing that is sanitizing everything in the area your baby is using.
  • Keep baby’s toys clean. Toys are the most neglected things that most parents forget. As it turns out, toys can harbour lots of germs and infections if they are not cleaned well.
  • Bathing and skin care routine. In the first few months, you will need to wash your baby one or two times per week. Bathing a newborn daily is not a good idea because this can dry out his/her skin.

Baby Care Tip 7: Infant Care Classes

Let’s face it:

No one signs up to be a mother having to know the ins and out. Even those having their second or third child signs up for classes to learn the nitty and gritty details about baby care.

Classes like this helps you meet with likeminded mothers having the same goals as you. If you have classes nearby, you can sign up, you will find jovial moms like you who will give you more reasons to be a proud mom.

Going to infant care classes has the following benefits for first time parents:

  • Opportunity to ask questions. Now that you have a child, there are lots of questions running through your mind and Google isn’t helping at all. Sometimes, you get the right answers, but sometimes you need the experience of another mom to shed more value to what you’re asking. Yes, infant classes are an opportunity for you to ask even the most daring question on the planet.
  • Knowledge of options and choices. There’s nothing scarier like feeling helpless and without a direction on what you are supposed to do in case of an emergency or similar. Going to classes will give you that freedom to choose and options in case you find yourself in unfamiliar situations.
  • Deal with fear. Hearing fellow moms narrate their experience will give you courage to confront the fears and demons you have inside of you. And this is also the perfect time to open up about your own fears and frustrations. Believe you me, you’ll find the most thoughtful answers about every situation. Instead of sitting down paralyzes on what to do, you’ll be connecting the dots and parenting will be the amazing, although challenging, life experience it deserves to be.

Baby Care Tip 8: Swaddling

Swaddling may look like an easy thing when you see nurses do it effortlessly. The good news is: swaddling doesn’t have to look like a secret Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to master. It is something that you can learn with practice.

Knowing how to swaddle is important because:

  • It prevents the baby from waking up
  • Keeps the baby warm and reminds him/her of the womb (the world she used to live in)
  • Protects them from scratching their own face.

Fortunately, you don’t have to kill yourself over swaddling, you can find lots of swaddling cloth on amazon.

Baby Care Tip 9: Burping

Burping is common, and it is one way of helping your baby release the gas inside. The gases in your toddler’s stomach can cause them to feel discomfort which makes them cry. And that explains the reason why you need to burp your baby regularly.

Fortunately, there are two ways you can burp your child. All you need is to give them a try and find out which one works best for your little angel.

  • Over the shoulder. Hold your toddler over your shoulder facing down. Use one hand to hold and the other hand to burp. When doing all this, you need to make sure that your baby’s head has good support.
  • Sitting on your lap. Get your baby sited on your lap, use your arm and hand to provide support to baby’s body and head. And the other hands should be used for burping.
  • Lay your baby on your lap on his/her chest. Support your baby’s head and make sure it’s higher than his or her chest. Gently pat your baby’s back.


Baby Care Tip 10: Keep A Journal

Believe it or not, you’ll learn a lot from keeping a daily journal. It’s no secret to find a doctor asking questions that new parents have no clue of.

Life is super busy for most new parents and it’s even harder trying to memorize everything happening in the split of a second.

The journal helps you focus on key areas of your life that matter most, like baby’s health and growth. There are more reasons why new parents should keep a daily journal, but we will focus on three:

  • A journal saves you lots of time and frustration at the doctor’s visit. You’ll be in a position to answer questions like how many times you change the diaper per day or the number of hours the baby sleeps.
  • Tracks your baby’s health and growth
  • Helps you predict your baby’s behaviour and action. For instance, you’re likely to know when they will pee or poo.

Stephen R. Covey says, “Keeping a personal journal, a daily in-depth analysis and evaluation of your experience is a high-leverage activity that increases self-awareness and enhances all the endowment and synergy among them.

You Can Take Care Of Your Baby With Joy

Parenting doesn’t need to scare the hell out of you. Actually, if you applied even 10% of what this article says, you’ll forget frustrations and worries that keep haunting you. You’ll not second guess every decision that you have to make.

The good news is, you are often worried at things that are not going to happen. Yes, you can’t know everything and interacting with like-minded moms will give you more reasons to tackle any challenge coming your way.

If you are still worried about your baby or worried about parenting, I want to leave you with E. Joseph Cossman quote:

“If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.”


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  1. Thanks a lot bud…,
    You’ve clearly pointed out important things which I really appreciate it…
    I’m also sharing this article to my every colleagues and friends…
    Again, a big thumbs up for your great work….
    I have question : How long time can we give breast milk to the new born baby?

  2. Thanks a lot bud…,

    You’ve clearly pointed out important things which I really appreciate it…
    I’m also sharing this article to my every colleagues and friends…
    Again, a big thumbs up for your great work….
    I have question : How long time can we give breast milk to the new born baby?

    1. Hi Hetal my sincere apologies for getting back to you so late, personal issues took away from the blog recently. Thank you so much for reading the article and sharing it. In regards to your question, when you say how long, you mean in terms of years, or you refer to a daily situation? If you mean in terms of age, there is NO age limit. I am still breastfeeding my three and half daughter, the benefits of breastfeeding beyond infancy are numerous. It is only beneficial, never the opposite. Of course from about 6 months of age there is also the gradual introduction of solid food. Breast milk never cease to be beneficial to your baby/child. I hope I answer your question, but feel free to ask more.

  3. Hi, Thanks for your great article. I want to add an important point with you that make sure your baby has ample time alone with Daddy. His touch and voice are different than yours, and this will begin a bonding process and give you a break. Plus, it gets the baby used to be with someone other than you. The first few times can be hard. Make sure your baby is fed and well rested, as this will give you at least one or two hours before you’re needed again. Then leave Dad and the baby alone. If you stay nearby, make sure the baby can’t see or hear you and resist the urge to go into the room and “fix” things if she starts crying. Your baby cries with you and your experiment to find out what’s wrong. Dads need time to do this too – in their own way. By allowing this time, your child will learn there is more than one way to receive comfort, which will help immensely when you leave your baby with a sitter or another family member for the first time. You could have your partner bathe her, put her to bed or just read or talk to her.

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  5. Cleaning your baby’s gums right from the time you introduce semi-solid food would help your baby have strong teeth throughout his life. Gums can be cleaned with the help of cotton or any other soft or rubbery material which does not cause rashes on the gums.

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    You’ve clearly pointed out important things which I really appreciate…
    I’m also sharing this article with my colleagues and friends…
    Again, a big thumbs up for your great work…
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