13 Great Foods for Children you Must Include in their Diet.

13 Great Foods for Children you Must Include in their Diet.

13 Great foods for children that you should always include in their diet.

Kids love not-so nutritious food such as cakes, biscuit, chips…FACT. And one way or another this type of food will find its way through your child’s mouth, especially when they get older and they are able to buy snacks for themselves (I for one, am dreading that time). My kids for example would be happy with nothing else but pasta and pizza (they are half Italian so…).  To be honest, they way I cook, these choices are pretty healthy too, but I made it a habit for them, since they started on solids, to eat everything. I include daily on their plate, food that is packed with as much good things as possible. I put together for you 13 great foods for children which are at the top of my shopping list every week and should be in yours too. These foods contains all the nutrients your children need to grow and thrive, to receive the right amount of energy they need and to keep them healthy.

Let’s dive right in:


Eggs are full of protein and also one of the few foods to naturally have vitamin D. Vitamin D is the one we also absorb from the sun, but LIVING in England, you can understand how and why they are number one on my list. I offer eggs to my kids on a weekly basis: scrambled, as omelettes, boiled, mixed with avocado and spread on toasted bread…
You can also sneak them in soups. 

Oats are full of fibre and give children the right energy they need in the morning. Children eating oatmeal for their breakfast, are proven to concentrate more in school.

As we all know, all fruit is good as it provides a lots of nutrients and vitamins. It also contains fibre which helps in regulating their bowel movements. It is a good idea to offer a great variety of fruit: berries, oranges, melon, kiwi, apple etc…

Yes! Nuts contains fat, but the healthy one. The one kids need to grow and develop, and the one needed for a healthy heart. I put a little bit in their porridge sometimes, in the morning, as they give them that push of energy they need for the day.

Of course, protein and calcium in milk as well as other dairy food, provide fuel for the brain (it helps building brain tissue) and calcium (which make children’s bone and teeth strong).

My dad introduced me to blueberries as he eats them a lot. They are considered one of the healthiest fruit (full of antioxidants). According to research, they protect against heart disease and diabetes, improve brain function and help reduce bad BELLY FAT. They are easy to introduce in your kid’s breakfast, in porridge, or in a bowl of milk with cereal or granola for example. In the summer, I often mix blended blueberries with white yogurt, banana and honey (after one year) and freeze, I make ice pops out them, and my kids absolutely love them.

My favourite. Tomatoes protect against many types of cancers (they contain lycopene). If you cook them, even better because the heat releases lycopene even more. IMPORTANT: combine tomatoes with good fat, such as olive oil and the body will absorb even more of that substance. Italian cuisine is FULL of tomatoes recipes. I will soon dedicate a post to that.

  Greek low-fat YOGURT
Full of healthy bacteria which boost immunity and aid digestion. It also contains more protein and less sugar that regular yogurt. I sometimes add a drizzle of honey, or maple syrup for sweetness.

Cabbage, same as broccoli or kale contains nutrients that lower the risk for many types of cancer, improve digestion and help clear bad toxin from the body. Not my kids first choice of food but I put in soup or noodles, or I make coleslaw with low fat mayo.

Salmon is known for its omega-3 content, good for the heart, brain development and anti-inflammatory powers. Wild salmon is better as it contains less mercury and more omega-3. I usually serve it to the kids as fish cakes or burgers. Also good in salads or simply cooked in the oven.

Yes that’s right! I only recently found out how good it is. Cocoa powder contains a lot of “flavonoids”, known to improve blood pressure and heart and oral health. It also protects the skin from sun damage. When choosing your cocoa make sure to check it is not processed with “alkali”, a substance that removes most of the flavonoids. I sprinkle it on pancakes, make chocolate and dip strawberries in it, or I make the old good cup of hot cocoa.

AH! As an Italian, basil is in my daily diet of course. Full of antioxidants-vitamin A,C and K, iron, potassium and calcium. It improves digestion, it can ease headaches. If your kid is one that runs at the sight of green bits do this: grind it superfine and put in sauces, soups etc… I make pesto out of it, and I use also in meatballs.

Last but not least, this spice is known to regulate blood sugar. You know when sometimes it seems that your child’s energy level is low? That’s it. Irregular blood sugar level can be the cause of that. You can sprinkle cinnamon in porridge, over yogurt, in milkshakes, you can include in bread or cake recipes etc…


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