My 5 Steps Weaning Plan.

My 5 Steps Weaning Plan.

As a mother myself, I know only too well how frustrating, scary, fun, and messy, introducing the first food to your child can be. That is why I put together this 5 steps weaning plan, to help you take your baby from his first spoonfuls to 3 pureed meals a day.


What is weaning ? 

Weaning is the process of moving your baby from a milk-only diet, to a combination of milk and solid food.

Why is weaning important:

At around 6 months, your baby starts to need more than milk to satisfy his appetite. The first stage will help lay the foundations for happy, healthy eating habits and also teaches your baby how to eat from a spoon, swallow and later on chew.
As they grow, food will provide all the nutrients your child needs, but for now, it’s just about getting your baby used to new tastes and textures.



How long does weaning take? 

All babies are different, let your baby set the pace, and most of all, try not to be pressured by what other mums are doing.

There is no fixed timetable for the first stage of weaning, just as a guide, it should take around a couple of months to get to stage 5.
Once your baby settled in a routine of 3 pureed meals a day, the transition to solid food will continue until your baby is having 3 balanced meals plus 2 snacks a day, and is getting most of the nutrients from solid food.
This usually happens by around 12 months.


Tip: do not rush your baby, steps can always be repeated until your baby is ready.


When do I start weaning? 

Department of Health guidelines, recommends starting weaning at six months.

That is when your baby’s iron stores which they were born with, starts running low. So they need the extra energy and iron from food.


The signs to look out for, that show your baby is ready: 


Your baby will find lots of ways to show you that they are ready:

Sucking their fists. 

Reaching out for food and showing an interest in your food.

Directing objects towards their mouth, or putting things in their mouth.

Try to wait for a combination of all these signs.



   Ready to start? 

Always start with a smile, your baby knows how you are feeling from the expression on your face. You might feel nervous, but if you follow this simple 5 steps plan, you can be confident your baby will have a happy, healthy start. Remember also, milk is still their main source of nutrition at this stage. With patience, love and a lot of praise, your child will soon be on his way to 3 meals a day.


STEP 1: 
First spoonfuls
your goal: 

help your baby eat from a spoon
and introduce the first foods.  

Fruits and veg are a very important part of an healthy diet, so it makes sense to start
your baby off early to help them develop good eating habits, right from
their very first spoonful.


To start with,I have chosen different fruits and vegetables that
are easy to puree, plus baby rice., which are usually used for weaning because they
have a great taste and texture.

Keep in mind that eating is a new experience for your baby, so don’t be surprised if the first
few spoonfuls come straight back out again! Be patient and keep trying.


Until now your baby has just been used to to pushing their tongue forward to suck milk. 
Now they will need to learn how to use their tongue to move food to the back of their mouth.  

These are the foods we are going to start with: 

  • Baby rice
  • Apple puree
  • Pear puree
  • Banana puree
  • Broccoli puree
  • Carrot puree
  • Sweet potato puree
  • Parsnip puree
  • Spinach puree
  • Avocado puree


  • Pick a time when your baby is not too tired or full of milk.
  • Choose a familiar location with few distraction.
  • Smile- if you show you don’t like a food, your baby will pick up on how you are feeling.
  • You can mix any of the recipes with a bit of their usual milk, so the taste is more familiar.
  • Let them play with the food-put some on their plate and let them feel it, squish it.
  • Let them play and hold their spoon.
  • Freeze any extra portions of puree. This will save you time and effort later!
  • Give with any meals a beaker or a cup of boiled water. ( Getting them used to water early on, avoids bad drinking habits later on, like sugary juices and similar)

Give them lots of love and encouragement.


Add sugar or salt to purees.

Avoid sweets so that your baby doesn’t get used to expecting sweet snacks.

Overfeed-babies are very good at telling you they are full.Watch out for them turning their head away, closing their mouth or getting upset if you try to give them more food.

It might be surprising, but you don’t need to worry too much about nutrition at this stage.
Your baby will only be eating very little, so this STEP 1 is more about introducing new tastes, while milk continues to provide all the nutrients they need.


Don’t forget to capture your baby’s first spoonfuls on camera. 
And please send me your photos or post them on my FB page,
I would love to see those first happy sticky smiles! 


On my next post, I will provide you with all the recipes for the puree food, followed by STEP 2:  Introducing breakfast, establishing a breakfast routine for your baby.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely tips though i am second time mum after reading all the techniques of weaning it refreshed my memories of my elder son .very help tips

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