A Woman Over 40 Too Old To Be Breastfeeding? “I Had To Respond! And I Did.”

A Woman Over 40 Too Old To Be Breastfeeding? “I Had To Respond! And I Did.”


Can A Woman Over 40 Be Too Old To Breastfeed?


“A woman over 40 is too old to breastfeed! Her milk is NOT good enough and she is doing a disservice to her baby, who would be better off formula fed”


I am sure you are all familiar with the “too old to breastfeed” remark, BUT have you ever heard it in relation to the MOTHER?

Last week I took to my Facebook page Mama’s word, after yet another uneducated comment on breastfeeding mothers left me appalled.

These two women were going on about, how in their opinion, a 42 years old mother they know, is too old to breastfeed! “Her milk is certainly NOT nutritious enough and she should be formula feeding her baby instead.”

I am a mother of two, currently still breastfeeding my three years old daughter. My son was also breastfed up to the age of three, until a few months after my daughter was born. I tandem nursed, breastfed in public, during my son and daughter’s christening, anywhere, anytime.
After 6 consecutive years of nursing, I am very familiar with judging looks and whispered comments, I heard it all.

Or so I thought until that day at the doctor that is…

Please see below my full original post:

Hello Mamas,
I shared this post yesterday in a breastfeeding group I am a member of, and I got an OVERWHELMING response.
Just when I thought I HEARD it all about BREASTFEEDING!!??

Hello ladies,
after 6 consecutive years of Breastfeeding my children ( currently bf my three years old) I though NO comments could ever SHOCK me anymore on the topic. And yet someone managed to do just that, SHOCK me with some uneducated opinion about a breastfeeding mother.
I was at a doctor’s appointment when I overheard this conversation between the two ladies sitting next to me…
I am sure you are all familiar with the ” too old to breastfeed” remark, BUT have you ever heard it in relation to the MOTHER???
That’s right, these two ladies were going on about how a woman they knew, who is 42 years old, was, in their opinion, too OLD to breastfeed!! And how her milk is probably not GOOD enough because of her age, to the disadvantage of the baby. A baby who they though would have been better off formula fed instead.
REALLY? Whaaaat? I was fuming.?
I kid you NOT, a few minutes later my daughter climbs on my lap wanting the boob ( talk about right timing), and needless to say, I granted her wish immediately.
NOW, I am not one that looks for confrontations or arguments, but I COULDN’T RESIST: obviously the ladies noticed I was breastfeeding ( wasn’t hiding), I turn to them and I tell them:

“By the way, I am 44 years old, 45 next June and my milk is perfect!”
The look on their face, priceless.?
Sorry, I felt good!
What would you have done?

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
 The look on their faces, priceless!     
Since this post was published, I started receiving tons of supporting messages and requests to share it.
 “You could never be too old to breastfeed but there is a time where you should stop acting 12 with gossip and uneducated criticism’,” one person wrote.
Another commented: “I would have done the same thing. Two thumbs up to you.”
“I like the fact that you gave them a surprise, thumbs up mama. I would do this too.”
Of course  the odd negative comment was present as well:
Someone claimed to be “freaked out” at the sight of a three years old still breastfeeding.
Someone else believed my response to those women was NOT as perfect as the article’s HEADLINE stated…
There was even a person that questioned the “authenticity” of the conversation, implying that the fact didn’t really happened and I just made it up, in order to benefit from the attention.
To quote this person words: ” Of course this conversation took place because she said it had, and of course the breastfeeding army have now given her the attention she needs for her blogging.”
Many parenting pages, blogs and media/news company covered my story:

Mummy Pages.co.uk:  “Mum left fuming after strangers say 42 is too old to be breastfeeding”

Mothering.com: ” 44-years old mum, Show Critics She’s Not “Too Old” to breastfeed”

Independent.co.uk:  “44 years-old mother hits back at critics after being told she is too old to breastfeed”

The Sun.co.uk: “Mum,44, hits backs after strangers say she is “to old” to breastfeed her three years old”

UffPost UK: “Women over 40 are too old to breastfeed. How this mum hit back at ageist comments.

Mom.me: “Too Old To Breastfeed? Not This Mom!”

Romper.com: “This Mom Has The Perfect Response For People Who Think She Is “Too Old” To Breastfeed”

So yes, I did get a lot of attention, that’s when I realized the importance of this piece of information:

Had it not be me that day, but let’s say a new or expecting mom, maybe an older mother, she could have been easily fooled in believing what those women where saying to be true.


Mothers question themselves for a thousand different reasons, every minute of every day. They shouldn’t also be dealing with false and inaccurate information that can lead to wrong choices and decisions. When it comes to the subject of breastfeeding…oh dear God! Nowadays, many have taken up the habit of defending their way of thinking with a “everybody is entitled to their own opinion” phrase. Well let’s see…actually NO! Opinions can be wrong in themselves. Uneducated opinions can be damaging and must be corrected wherever possible. That is why when I heard yet another ridiculous comment in regards to a breastfeeding mother, I HAD to fight back. And I did.

Ageism is an important topic that mothers must be educated about.

Lactation Consultant Jan Barger explain how the quality of breast milk does not change over time. Regardless of your age, socioeconomic status, length of time you have been breastfeeding, country of origin, or any other parameters you want to consider, breast milk remains high quality and chock-full of nutrients and antibodies.

A research conducted on the EFFECT OF ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE UPON HUMAN MILK FAT CONTENT shows that the Colostrum fat content of older mothers is much higher than that of younger mothers.

Breastfeeding is often HARD but it is the best a mother can offer her child and as such should be respected, supported. Not judged.

To deny the power and numerous benefits of breastfeeding-AT ANY AGE- is to deny the WONDER that it is a woman’s body. It is wanting to make it less than the wonderful, perfect machine it really is.

Why anyone would want to do that, is beyond me. This is the thing to be “freaked out” about , not a mother using what nature gave her to nourish her child. 

My belief is that no woman who is able to and WANTS to breastfeed should EVER fail because of lack of or wrong information.
Education is the KEY in debunking some ridiculous breastfeeding myths and in giving moms the real support they need to SUCCEED.





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