I have been thinking for daaaaays what to write in the “about” section of this blog! Trying to imagine what you would think about me…What kind of impression I would make…
Would you be thrilled enough to be willing to scroll through some of my posts and maybe read a few? Or would you dismiss me instead just after a few seconds of being here and move on?
While everybody usually starts with an introduction, I won’t.
Instead, I choose to tell you first what you can expect from me:

My heart and soul.

I do not write to impress, (if I do, is a bonus), I write to give mamas and parents…something. You see, when I decided to start this blog I asked myself this question: “what could I possibly tell mothers and parents that they do not already know, or that they cannot find anywhere else? What can I offer that can feel so special and unique?”

The answer is NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! I mean hello! This is Internet, for any question you might have, surely you can find the answer somewhere right?

Nothing is new today, nothing is original…with the exception of…ME! And YOU!
My story is unique because…so am I and so are YOU.

 Motherhood is tough, messy, overwhelming, exciting, stressing, rewarding, life-changing, and nowhere else you will find a mother like YOU or a mother like ME. WE are IRREPLACEABLE.  

Our stories are one of a kind, each in his own right. Put those stories together, sharing feelings, experiences, laugh and tears and you have power!
The power of support.

This is my biggest belief: mothers empowering and supporting each other can overcome the most challenging of times.

So this is my blog’s purpose and my personal wish, that whether you read a sentence or ten whole posts, you will be able to take away something from it. Something that will make you think, understand, feel, give you strength or simply make you laugh, make your day a better one.

Hi! I am Stefania, welcome to my world.
I am a mom of a little boy and a little girl. I have good and bad days and often do not know what I am doing…( even though my eldest is almost 6 years old),nevertheless I try to do it with a smile. And every day, I guess just like you, I wonder how I will manage but guess what? Every single day I do.
I do not have all the answers, but no mother has, I am learning each day. I am far from perfect, I am flawed and I make mistakes.
BUT I love my children and I am a good mama.

PS: from time to time I will sneak in recipes and kitchen “stuff”. And that is good because…I am Italian! (Need I say more?)

Care to join me?


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