Breast Milk: Do You Believe It is “Liquid Gold”?

Breast Milk: Do You Believe It is “Liquid Gold”?

Those who are not familiar with children and breastfeeding may not know that breast milk is called the “golden liquid”. Reason being: it really is. 

This statement often brings forward the wrath of those, who still want to argue that breast milk is not “all that”, those that claim formula is “as good as” and those that get defensive at the very mention of breastfeeding or breast milk. Those who criticise mums who celebrate their achievements, often tricking them in feeling guilty just for sharing their experiences. If you are one of those please stop reading or you might faint, because I am about to celebrate Breast milk with a BANG!


We already know that breast milk is the most complete food for a newborn. It is equipped with all the nutrients, dosed in the right quantity, for the little one’s needs. Based on gestational age, its ingredients increase or decrease to facilitate its growth.
Moreover, breast milk composition varies not only from month to month but also during the same day and even during the same nursing session: in the beginning it is composed almost exclusively of water and sugar in order to immediately quench the child’s thirst and compensate for possible dehydration, in the end is concentrated in fat, so as to allow the baby to feel full and provide all the nutrients needed.

You probably heard it before and you are about to hear it again: breast milk is a “live” liquid.

Breast milk is also a tool for taste and food education because its taste varies continuously depending on the foods eaten by the mother: one day it will have a slight aftertaste of garlic, another the aroma of curry or vanilla. Unlike artificial milk that always has the same taste, mum’s milk changes taste with every meal, just as it happened with the amniotic fluid ingested by the fetus in the uterus.

More than 6 years since I started my breastfeeding journey and I am still discovering additional new benefits to it.
A few days ago my 6 years old was down with a bit of a cold and a cough that wouldn’t let him rest properly at night. Instinctively I decided to give him breast milk…three years after he self weaned.

Please read my original post:


Oh Ladies, BREAST MILK never ceases to amaze me!

I just gave again my 6 years old ( who self weaned at the age of 3 years and half) my breast milk and he finally STOPPED coughing!
That’s what happened: my son, 6, got a bit of a cold these last couple of days and yesterday night he was coughing a lot, so out of the blue I decided to manually express some breast milk and give him and it WORKED! 
Tonight again, as soon as he went to bed his cough wouldn’t let him fall asleep…and again I did the SAME, gave him my Milk ( I am still breastfeeding my three years old…) and VOILA’!
It worked like a charm!
I don’t even know why I am so surprised! Surprised and PROUD!
For whoever still tries to deny the numerous benefits of BREAST MIlK, I have only a few words:
You are denying the amazing WONDER and the perfect MACHINE that is a WOMAN’s body!
In addition to my page, I shared this on a few breastfeeding groups I am a member of. I was glad to learn how many other mums had similar experiences:

A mum wrote “I give my 11-year-old step son a “shot” of pumped milk whenever he has a cold.

Another one shared her own experience: ” I gave my 4-year-old breast milk last week at bedtime and his cold was gone by noon the following day!!!!! Amazing stuff!!!!!!”

One mum commented how after reading this, she was going home and pump some milk for her 2.5 ( who weaned a year ago) as he was sick with fever, hoping he would take it. And in response to her, Camelia (another group member) wrote:
“Even if your 2 years old doesn’t breastfeed anymore try getting him to latch a little. The idea is to get his saliva on the receptors from the breast. This will “customise” the composition of the milk to the needs of the baby and create the perfect antibodies for the child.”

I find this to be very clever advice and why not? I can’t say for sure that the breast milk customising process, would work for an older sibling from a quick latch, but again why not? I, myself, gave the breast again ( after weaning one year prior) to my son when he was 4 years old, for the same reason: a cough. What happened? He stopped coughing and went back to sleep. And for those wondering: no he didn’t start breastfeeding again, he took it as a medicine. Same as the other day when I gave him the expressed milk, I was just so amazed that it worked so efficiently even now my son is six.

Researchers today, are only really beginning to understand how breast milk works and its full potential. I am in awe of it more and more and constantly researching to be able to provide the correct information. I have just recently stumbled across this article  by Angela Garbes in The Stranger which explains clearly this very topic:

“When a baby suckles at its mother’s breast, a vacuum is created. Within that vacuum, the infant’s saliva is sucked back into the mother’s nipple, where receptors in her mammary gland read its signals. This “baby spit backwash,” as she delightfully describes it, contains information about the baby’s immune status. Everything scientists know about physiology indicates that baby spit backwash is one of the ways that breast milk adjusts its immunological composition. If the mammary gland receptors detect the presence of pathogens, they compel the mother’s body to produce antibodies to fight it, and those antibodies travel through breast milk back into the baby’s body, where they target the infection.”

Moreover, there are many alternative uses for breast milk, some of which I just recently found out. Example: Swedish doctors have discovered that human milk has remarkable therapeutic properties in the treatment of warts: the application of a lotion based on breast milk has had positive effects on 80% of patients. The key ingredient is called lactalbumin .

In my next post, I will be listing all kind of  ” less known” ways we can benefit from breast milk, some of which will truly surprise you.

“Breast milk is a magical medicine cabinet, with everything you need to keep your child healthy.”


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