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Breastfeeding is not always going to be easy for every woman, but I believe it is always going to be worth it. Sometimes though, is easier to deal with the physical challenges of it all, rather than the judgments, wrong perceptions, opinions and assumptions the world throws at us. 

Unfortunately, modern society has made us dependent on other people’s opinion, whether we admit to that or not. But “other people” do not live our lives, we do.

We have to find the strength to stop letting other people decide for us, what is ACCEPTABLE, WHAT IS BEST, WHAT IS OR IS NOT BENEFICIAL. We have to take matters into our own hands, do what is best for us and our families.

Each woman can make a difference and each time a woman makes a stand, I believe the world changes a little.

Each  told breastfeeding story is a step forward to let the world see breastfeeding for what it simply is, an act of love and care, ALWAYS, regardless of when a woman starts or finishes that journey.

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