Dear Society, Why are You Afraid of a Nipple?

Dear Society, Why are You Afraid of a Nipple?


A few days ago I saw an amazing picture by the photographer Leo Carvajal (portraying a woman’s breast squirting milk) . The picture was shared by a few Facebook pages including mine and quickly BANNED.

So I decided I would try to do a similar one. With my own ‘tools’. I am still breastfeeding my 4 years old little girl, so maybe I could pull this off…

And so I did.
Surely enough, I hadn’t even published it yet, only scheduled, Facebook banned it within minutes.

I didn’t even know Facebook could ban scheduled, unpublished posts.


The sight of a woman’s breast producing milk, the very substance that allowed the human race to survive and thrive, is considered ‘NUDITY’ and a ‘SEXUAL’ image. Facebook states that they are trying to maintain the social network a safe environment, especially for kids.

But that’s where I disagree the most.

Firstly because it is enough to do a little research on the network to find pictures of women, whose breasts are most definitely used in a provocative sexual manner. Yet… they are not banned.


How is a woman’s boob producing milk an “unsafe” image? Unless the very wrong concept of seeing this woman’s body part only as SEXUAL, is already rooted deep in the children’s mind? And there lies the real issue, I believe:

How are we educating our children today in regards to this topic?
Are we even at all? 

What about us? Why are we so afraid of the human body?
Dear Society, why are you afraid of a nipple?

What is the message this image can give a kid, if not that the woman’s body is capable of amazing things? That, it is thanks to human milk and a mother care, that we are here today. Because you know…we don’t come from flowers or from the stars…

These pictures need to be seen as nothing else, as what they really are: 

  • an act of care
  • love
  • nourishment.

An amazing TOOL mother NATURE has gifted women with, in order to nourish and provide for their children.
Pictures like this need to be seen, need to become normal. 

Please see the original post below on my FB page Mama’s Word:

REAL picture!
I’ve done it! As promised.
My boob, my MILK.

This right here is my personal RESPONSE to two comments ( I’ve heard one too many times) in particular:

“If you want to breastfeed do it privately, without SHOWING OFF (the breast that is) or making an exhibition of it”
So I spammed them with this PIC. And will do so every time I get similar comments.

And in relation to a post where I am breastfeeding my 4 year old:
“Certainly, she only nurses as a HABIT now, she is 4, is there even any MILK left there?”
Hmm, well let’s see, looking at this REAL picture (taken with the phone by my husband) I would say YES. It really looks like MILK coming out of my boob.
So yes, I am breastfeeding a 4 year old and YES, I still have milk. 

What this pic REPRESENTS to me and WHY I did it:
Yes, to show off,
To show off a woman’s BODY at its MOST POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL.

Some will only see a NIPPLE here no doubt. Report it as nudity and have the pic banned.
I expect that.
Please tell me what issues you have so I can help you solve them.
What are the reasons that can explain the AVERSION to the sight of a woman’s breast, producing milk for her human cubs?
How can this be considered INDECENT?

Our current culture is no longer able to DISTINGUISH an unequivocal MATERNAL gesture of care, from that of showing the breasts for the purpose of seduction.

In other words, the female breast seems to have LOST its maternal function in the eyes of many, both men and women, and having maintained only the SEXUAL one.

Consequently, its public EXPOSURE is censored as inappropriate, with these impulsive reactions of automatic refusal.
We Westerners, so progressed and civilised, are so used to looking at the female breasts in EXCLUSIVELY sexual terms that we can no longer see it in any other way, in its obvious function of NOURISHMENT for a child.

To label this kind of pic as NUDITY or SEXUAL, it is an act of MORTIFICATION towards a woman, who is SEEN limited to her sexual role.

NORMALISING this, does not only mean encouraging a baby-care act, it also means, more generally, remembering that women do NOT EXHAUST their identity in their sexuality:
They CAN also be mothers, and much, MUCH MORE…

It means remembering that BOOBS can yes, be sexual,
but not ALWAYS, not ALL THE TIME.
Certainly NOT when they are fulfilling their original PURPOSE.

by Stefania Giraldi


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