Step 3 of the “5 Steps” weaning plan.

Step 3 of the “5 Steps” weaning plan.


Here we are mamas, with STEP 3 of the 5 STEPS Weaning plan.


STEP 3: 
Introducing to your baby a variety of fruit and veg . 

If you are ready to start STEP 3, means your baby got used by now to the first foods proposed in Step 1 and Step 2, and he should be happily eating breakfast. So it is time to introduce some new fruits and vegetables. When choosing fruits and vegetables for your baby, make sure you pick different colored ones. Different colors mean different nutrients and flavors.

Variety is very important at this stage

This is when your baby’s taste and preferences are shaped. Encouraging your baby to eat a wide variety of food, including lots of fruits and veg, from the beginning,teaches him how to recognize different flavors. It also helps develop their taste buds, and it means they will be less likely be fussy eaters later on.

Babies are born preferring sweet tastes, therefore they need to learn that not all food tastes sweet.
Green vegetables are great because they are not only nutritious, but they also propose a new taste for your baby to discover. 


How to feed your baby at this stage:

Start offering new purees at lunch or dinner time. Try giving two or three vegetables at the same meal, but without mixing them. Baby need to learn to love and recognize individual tastes before you do that.
At this point, your are still giving baby their usual milk feed, but in this way, they will start following more the family schedule in regards of mealtimes. So by being offered solid food at breakfast, lunch and dinner time, baby will start to become accustomed to this routine.


  • Always wash and peel fresh fruit and veg at this stage.
  • Give baby a drink of water in a cup or beaker with their meal.
  • Do NOT add sugar, let them enjoy and get used to the natural taste of the fruit or veg.

“No thanks mummy!”

Now that you are introducing more and different tastes and textures, you will see that your baby might love or hate some! Don’t give up on those that he refuses. It can take several attempts before they accept a new taste.The one my son did not like at all, was spinach purees. He got excited about all the others, but when I offered him spinach purees he looked at me as to say” really mama? are you kidding me?” Well, I stopped offering him for a bit, then attempted again, and again, and again. Today it is still not his first choice, but he doesn’t refuse it categorically, plus I mix the spinach with eggs to make it more appealing. So be strong and be patience!


  • use either fresh or frozen fruit and veg, they are equally good and nutritious.
  • Steam rather than boil vegetables, that way more nutrients will be preserved.
  • Offer fruit and veg separately, so that your baby can recognize individual flavors.


  • forget to remove any seeds or stones to prevent choking.
  • re-use left overs from a bowl that you have fed your baby from ( because of mouth/saliva bacteria) .
    you CAN however store leftover you put aside, in the fridge or freezer.


Here are the first two new fruits and veg recipes you can introduce in this Step:

Butternut squash puree 


  • 450 g butternut squash
  • your baby usual milk or warm, boiled water.

Wash the squash, cut in half and remove the seeds with a spoon. You can cook it in the oven, by placing it in a ovenproof dish. Add 100 ml of water and cover with foil.Cook at 190ºC for about 50 minutes to one hour. Until the flesh is tender through out.
Allow it to cool slightly, then place it on a chopping board and scoop out the cooked flesh. Place about one third of it in a food processor and blend, adding 2 tablespoons of cooled boiled water or your baby usual milk. You can cover the other half with cling film and store it in the fridge for up to 2 days.


Melon puree 


  • 1 slice of a ripe melon or 100 g melon cubes.

Scoop out the seeds from the melon and remove, by cutting, the skin. Cut the melon into small cubes, place in a food processor and blend until running and smooth. This is best if you serve straight away, without freezing or storing away.Melon naturally contains a lot of water, so if you find it is too runny, you could add a little homemade baby rice to thicken it a bit.

Next to come: more fruit and vegetables recipes and STEP 4 of the 5 Steps weaning plan: Introducing meat and fish!

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