Why Avocado is such a great baby first food.

Why Avocado is such a great baby first food.


Avocado facts:

Is Avocado a fruit or a vegetable? Most people do not know. I always thought it was a vegetable until I found out the opposite:

Avocado is a fruit, it is classified as a giant BERRY. In some countries is considered a sweet treat and eaten with things as milk and sugar.
It is in my opinion an extremely versatile food. You can really give space to your imagination and being creative with it. I am sure you will find a way to include it in your baby’s diet.
I personally discovered it when my first was around 5 months old and I was getting prepared in introducing solids. It has been on my weekly shopping list ever since.

Why is Avocado considered such a SUPER food?
Nutritional facts:

Avocado is very high in fat. This is one of the reasons why people on diet stay away from it. This fruit has in fact a higher content of fat compared to other fruits, but it is healthy mono saturated fat.  

Mono saturated fat is quickly turned into raw energy and used efficiently by the body. Avocado also contains the enzyme lipase which facilitate weight loss because it breaks down fat that is already stored in the body.

These are the very fats your baby need for the good development of his brain and central nervous system.

Avocado also contains 13 vitamins (A, C, D, E, K, E and 8 types of B vitamins including B-6, B-12 and folate), plus other nutrients such as Potassium, Lutein, mono saturated fats and antioxidants.M

Why is Avocado such a good baby food?

  • We already learned how amazingly nutritious this fruit is, but what you maybe do not know is that:
  • Avocado helps your baby’s body more efficiently absorb the nutrients from OTHER fruits and veggies he eats them with!
  • Brain cells are built from fat
    The healthy fat Avocado contains, helps build a healthy and intelligent brain for your baby.
  • Avocado Protects your baby with Its Antioxidant, Anti-inflammation & Antimicrobial Properties,  and it also possesses anti-inflammation properties.  It can heal wounds, scratches and rashes on skin faster than antibiotics and other medications can. It also possesses antimicrobial properties that battle infections caused by pathogens.

Avocado is easily digestible,  therefore you can give it to baby as a first food since you start him on solids at 6 months. Also its texture is ideal as it can be easily mashed with a fork and fed to baby.

Tip: when introducing solids to your baby, remember to follow the 3/4 days rule to help you spot food allergies or digestive problems.  

So, now we learned why Avocado is considered such an amazing food, how should we give it to baby?

As a general rule, when introducing solids to a baby, is always preferable not to mix different tastes in the beginning. This helps baby get used to a certain food and its flavor. It helps baby accept and like the food.

Therefore to begin with, you can feed Avocado to baby plain and simple. You can easily mash it with a fork or puree, and offer to your baby. The consistency and texture of this fruit is perfect for baby, but if you would like to make it more liquid, you can add a little of breast milk or formula.

As soon as your baby has got used to this new experience of food in his mouth and he has already tried and accepted different flavours, you can start mixing it up a little, add a little excitement!

Here are some idea of how to offer Avocado to your baby, very simple recipes you can easily prepare and offer to your little one!

AVOCADO with fruit puree.  
Peel, core and dice an apple or for a sweeter taste, a pear. Simmer gently in a little water until the fruit is tender.
Blend the apple or pear until smooth. Mash the avocado together with the fruit puree and serve.

Avocado fruit ( no cooking). 
Simply mash together Avocado and Banana until smooth and there you go. A quick and super nutritious treat for your baby.


Avocado and melon. 
Mash the two together and here you have another fruity treat. Some like to add a touch of ground ginger.

Avocado and sweet potato(or butternut squash). 

First bake the potato in its skin for about an hour, until tender. Proceed then to remove the skin from the potato and mash it together with the Avocado.

For children that are confident with fingers food, Avocado is also great. Simply cut it in little slices. The only thing is that Avocado can be a little slimy to handle:

a trick:
Coat it with some crashed cereal, flax seeds or wheat germ, this will make it easier for your child to handle it, plus adding some more nutrients.

Avocado is also great as a:

Dip for vegetables, or

Mashed with eggs and used as a sandwich filling (for older children). 

My children’s favorite: I mix either mashed or diced avocado with scrambled eggs and they love it.


Tip: get your child used to the idea of  using Avocado as a spread for bread instead of mayonnaise, as early as possible!  

Avocado can quickly turn brown. Although this is visually unappealing, it’s not harmful to eat. If this DOES occur, you can just scrape off the brown part with a knife.

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